Whitney Point Central School District proposes $ 27.7 million investment project, vote set for next month

WHITNEY POINT (WBNG) – The Whitney Point Central School District on Monday unveiled a $ 27.7 million investment plan. The project includes improvements to the classroom and sports space and will be put to a vote next month.

Whitney Point Superintendent Patricia Follette said the district is excited to make several improvements for the students and the community that they have been considering for years, and they have created a plan to do so that does not include increase in the tax levy.

“We are always looking to the future,” she said. “We want our students to be ready for the future and I believe this project will help support the students of today and the students of tomorrow.”

Highlights include upgraded classrooms for the district’s STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), new pitch and turf football track, renovated media room, concessions and bathrooms, as well as an enlarged and renovated swimming pool.

The swimming pool will be enlarged to six lanes, the height of the ceiling increased to allow diving and the changing rooms will also be improved.

When asked why parents and homeless residents who participate in athletics should support a proposal with such a sporting influence, she pointed out that the swimming pool, track and sports facilities are used by the whole community. community.

“I see our school district as the center of our community,” she said. “Everyone participates in the use of the field and the swimming pool. We have a lot of people who have been to school here, their kids have been to school and their grandchildren will be schooled here, so it’s really about being part of the community. “

As to where the money will come from to fund the project, she says 76% of the total cost will come from construction assistance from the New York State Department of Education, 14% from the New York State Department of Education. existing debt and 10% of the district capital reserve account. They say the last bit is what will keep taxes from going up.

A vote on the proposal is scheduled for May 18, and you can find more information by clicking on here.

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