Walton CSD Holds Vote on $ 8.2 Million 2020 Capital Project

(WBNG) – The Walton Central School District is looking to make safety and infrastructure improvements as part of the 2020 Capital Project. However, before construction can even begin, school officials need of your vote.

“In high school and college we have a parking lot, the whole sidewalk needs repairs,” said Michael MacDonald, superintendent of the Walton CSD.

This is only the start of the necessary repairs. Some parts of the buildings, such as the roofs, have not been touched up for years.

“They had had a roof or major infrastructure for over a decade [improvements], MacDonald said.

Windsor CSD Infographic on the 2020 Capital Project

Due to the pandemic, finances have not been an easy topic for many school districts. In Walton, school officials say state aid will account for the majority of the cost. The rest will come from a grant and a retirement debt.

“Where you have debt service going, project going, where you can start another,” MacDonald said.

Thanks to these other channels, no additional cost will be borne by taxpayers.

“We’re going to be able to make key structural improvements, energy upgrades, flood mitigation measures, all safety related, all very important to the safe operation of our school for a zero tax impact project,” MacDonald said. .

If the community votes no on the project, emergency repairs that may be needed in the future would be more expensive.

“In two, three years, we could end up with an emergency project, because of one of the roofs,” MacDonald said. “Then you don’t have this compensation, this building to compensate for it, so it’s on the local taxpayer side.”

The vote takes place on Tuesday, November 17 from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the District bus garage. To learn more about the proposal, visit this connect.

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