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In 2007, Greenwood County first took advantage of a state law passed 10 years earlier that allowed local governments to implement a 1% sales tax and use the tax by l Voter approval to repay debt or fund capital improvement projects.

The company, which raised $ 43 million, led to the opening of a new Greenwood County library, allowed the county to pay off $ 10.5 million in debt and set aside $ 18 million dollars for repairs to the Greenwood Lake Dam.

On November 8, county taxpayers will be asked to approve a second one-cent sales tax that officials say will raise more than $ 80 million to fund 27 projects.

Residents will be asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the following question: “Shall a special one percent (1%) sales and use tax be imposed in Greenwood County for at most eight (8) years to increase the amounts specified for the following purposes? “

– $ 6,099,696 for the construction of the Upstate Center for Manufacturing Excellence on the Piedmont Technical College campus

– $ 5,578,754 for the construction or improvement of public parks in Hodges and Troy, Grace Street Park, Emma Gaskin Magnolia Park and a new public park in the Foundry Road area in Greenwood, Ninety Six Town Park to Ninety Six, and cycling and walking trails in and around Greenwood

– $ 4,858,409 for the implementation of a county-wide public radio safety system

– $ 646,592 for the expansion of the Benjamin E. Mays historic site

– $ 14,242,921 for the implementation of the fire service master plan adopted by Greenwood County Council, including, but not limited to, the renovation and equipping of existing fire stations, the construction and equipment of new fire stations and the construction of a public safety training establishment

– $ 810,000 for the implementation of the Greenwood Lake Master Plan, which may include, but not be limited to, the construction of public access areas, washrooms and garbage collection facilities, as well as landscaping and signage on driveways

– $ 1,569,339 for the replacement of certain sewer lines and the construction or repair of a pumping station in the Carnell Bridge sector in Ware Shoals

– $ 671,456 for the replacement of water pipes in the area of ​​Pinehaven, Saluda and Wingard streets in Ninety Six

– $ 10,723,817 for the renovation and expansion of sports facilities in Greenwood County, including, but not limited to, the Wilbanks Sports Complex in Greenwood (the former site of the Greenwood Civic Center), Young Park at Ware Shoals and the JC “Fox” Boozer Complex at Ninety-six

– $ 8,456,666 for the development of the North Greenwood industrial park

– $ 1,105,446 for the replacement of the stormwater drainage system in the Ninety Six Mill village sector

– $ 66,326 for the construction of a hiking trail in the Promised Land community

– $ 33,163 for the construction of toilets at Cokesbury College

– $ 27,636 for the renovation of the Brewer Center in Greenwood

– $ 1,326,525 for the purchase of a records management system for the Greenwood County Sheriff’s Office and the Greenwood Police Department

– $ 1,747,000 for the modeling and study of flooding in the Greenwood County watershed

– $ 11,942,770 for the widening of route 246 from its intersection with route 221 to Chemin Emerald

– $ 3,397,273 for the rehabilitation of Katherine Hall in Ware Shoals

– $ 429,939 for repair and maintenance of the Greenwood County Detention Center

– $ 208,998 for the purchase of a case management system for the eighth circuit notary’s office

– $ 358,283 for the installation of fiber optic cables and related equipment on the Greenwood Genetic Center campus

– $ 2,447,774 for the construction of the Carolina Avenue Connector, a new road with associated infrastructure between South Main Street and the Greenwood Genetic Center campus on Liner Circle in Greenwood

– $ 685,987 for the renovation of the Federal Building Arts Center in Greenwood, including, but not limited to, the replacement of the roof and some flooring, and the painting of the exterior

– $ 1,221,806 for the construction of an exhibition hall reproducing the former southern passenger depot for the Railroad Historical Center

– $ 1,468,664 for the purchase of a flatbed fire truck and related equipment for the Town of Greenwood fire department

– $ 1,223,887 for the installation of water and fire extinguisher pipes in the Harris Landing area

– $ 4,895,548 for the installation of water and fire extinguisher pipes in the Autoroute 25 South sector

Under state law, not all products will be subject to the special tax. Unprepared food items that can be purchased with US Department of Agriculture food stamps are exempt from tax.

Elected officials and civic leaders across Greenwood County have been touting the penny sales tax initiative for months. It has also been endorsed by the Greenwood Area Chamber of Commerce and the Greenwood Partnership Alliance, among other entities.

“I want to make sure you know we’re on a solid financial footing, but our margins are tight,” Greenwood Mayor Welborn Adams said in July at a State of the City luncheon / County. “This (capital sales tax) is our chance to make Greenwood something special. We’re letting that go, we won’t get over it. This is our opportunity.”

County Council Chairman Steven Brown echoed this in his July remarks.

“No region, no community, no company, no industry, no person, no family can look at this list of projects and honestly conclude that they won’t get a ‘yes’ vote in November,” he said. declared.

Sales tax information on 2016 investment projects is available on the county’s website at or the State Department of Commerce website at

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