There’s a new way to tap into your home equity without loans or monthly payments

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“Rich in house, poor in money” is, for too many people the owners, more than an old saying. It is a daily reality. While their home can be a valuable asset, they often don’t have the cash on hand to do major renovations. They don’t have the funds in the bank to take the next big step in their life, like starting a new business, paying for their education, or investing in a new property.


Although a house can be used as collateral for a loan, it still leaves homeowners heavily in debt. Fortunately, a Hometap Capital Investment offers homeowners a new way to unlock the value of their home: it’s an investment strategy, not a loan.

The principle is simple: Hometap buys a share of the future value of your home. You get cash up front, then you have 10 years to settle the investment, on your own schedule and whenever you want. There are no monthly payments and Hometap doesn’t even guarantee a return on the money they invest. It’s really an investment in your home, not a sneaky loan, the company says.

The process of getting a Hometap investment in your home isn’t just simple, it’s transparent and guided. The first thing a prospective Hometap owner does is take a quick Fit quiz to determine if they qualify. Once this is handled, an investment manager is assigned to the homeowner to guide them through the next steps, which include completing a third-party physical appraisal of the home. Once this is complete, Hometap makes a signing offer, and if the landlord accepts, the funds are wired within four to seven days of signing. And then comes the last and most important step: the owner relaxes, enjoys his new injection of money and a life without monthly payments and without the stress of an impending debt.

Is Hometap for you?

Homepage is not for all owners. You must live in a state where Hometap operates and you should have a credit score over 500 (although Hometap does not have a FICO credit score requirement). You must have at least 25% of the equity in your home and Hometap’s investment must be less than 30% of the total value of your home, or less than $600,000 (the maximum amount Hometap can invest).

Hometap says it’s the easiest and most transparent way to tap into the equity in your home. There are no hidden fees, and there are no sneaky fine print, they say. The process is clear and the Investment Manager works with you every step of the way to keep you informed. There are no strings attached – Hometap doesn’t tell you what color to paint your house, if you can put in a new addition, or what to plant in your garden. Your home is still your home, and as long as you maintain it, pay your taxes, mortgage, and insurance, you won’t hear from Hometap until it’s time to settle the investment.

Your home is your greatest asset and you should be able to make it work for you. With a Hometap equity investment, you can get cash today in exchange for a stake in the future value of your home. Tap into what you already have and contact the experts at Hometap today.

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