The International Bank of Azerbaijan has renewed its brand identity!

The International Bank of Azerbaijan presented its renewed brand to the public. From now on, the Bank will continue to operate under its abbreviated name – “ABB” brand identity.

The decision to renew the brand identity is the next step in the targeted transformation process that the financial institution has been leading in recent years.

In recent years, large-scale transformation projects have been carried out at ABB. Thanks to these projects, significant results are obtained in the directions of renewal of the economic model, digitization, improvement of customer relations services, technological development, attraction and development of talents.

And now it’s time to combine the Bank’s past successes and its strategic vision for the future under one name.

The new brand attributes are based on the 30 years of experience, traditions and trust built by ABB. Abbas Ibrahimov, Chairman of the Management Board of ABB said: “We are strengthening our brand identity based on market trends, the needs of our customers and new emerging opportunities. The softening of the sharp external angles of the new logo and the elimination of closed elements testify to dynamism and openness. The traditional network element supports the globalization of the brand and its large-scale business.

The Bank’s slogan is also renewed. The words “Modern, Beneficial, Universal” in the slogan underscore the values ​​presented to customers and partners.

To ensure the standards of use of the new brand in public and mass media, the Brand Center was established on the Bank’s website. The rules for using the new brand are presented in the respective sections of the Brand Center. At the same time, the philosophy of the new logo is presented. The Bank has launched a vast advertising campaign linked to the rebranding. Relevant changes to notice boards and service office facades will be finalized by the end of the year.

A video advertisement was devoted to this milestone event. The video demonstrates the sustainability of the Bank’s transformation processes, the diversity of the Bank’s products and services, and the retrospective of logotype changes over the past 30 years. You can watch the video here.

ABB started its activities on January 10, 1992. 95.15% of the shares of the Bank are held by the State of Azerbaijan. With its 53 branches and 24 sub-branches covering different regions of the country, the Bank offers universal banking services to its private and corporate clients. It serves nearly 18,000 legal persons and more than 1.3 million natural persons. ABB participates in projects in sectors such as production, trade, agriculture, transport-communications, energy, petroleum chemistry, etc. and social programs. At the same time, it actively supports the financing of the activities of large companies and small and medium-sized companies.

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