Subsidized and Non-Repayable For Laborers, Here Are the Small Loans

Everything you need to know about the agricultural loans offered for 2019. We discover the conditions of these subsidized loans, which are also provided with a non-repayable loan. The requirements to receive small loans for farm laborers and how to request higher amounts: eligible expenses and who to contact.

2019 Agricultural Loans: who they are addressed to, requirements and eligible expenses

Among the forms of loan which can be accessed for this 2019, it is important to examine in detail the so-called agricultural loans . This is funding designed to specifically meet the needs of all those working in the agricultural sector. This sector is particularly important in Italy, and for this reason there are numerous incentives that are made. Among these we find subsidized loans for farm laborers, and in some cases even non-repayable loans. Let’s first see who these loans are for, with all the requirements that must be met to be able to complete our request for money. As one can easily imagine, when we talk about agricultural loans, we are considering a form of targeted financing , which therefore differs from the classic personal loan. This is a clear difference that indicates that it is not enough to be a farmer to be able to present the request for funding.

The requirement is as always a very important aspect when talking about a particular financial product. In this case it is even more so as we are talking about loans for farmers: so the funding we are considering in this article is aimed exclusively at the self-employed . As you probably already know, self-employed workers may not always have easy access to the desired funding, since the basic requisites that are required is a pay slip , which guarantees the bank a monthly income insured every month from which to deduct the repayment rate. For this reason the need arose to study loans specifically for those self-employed workers operating in the agricultural sector. A fundamental role from the point of view of the requisites that are required in the case of the 2019 agricultural loans is carried out by the eligible expenses . These are precisely the costs that the customer receiving the credit will be able to face with the amount paid. Since this is a loan to farm laborers, these costs must be strictly linked to the agricultural activity that takes place .

As we shall see later, agricultural loans can be of different types, as each individual product is responsible for satisfying a particular need. Among the eligible expenses there may be, for example, the costs for starting an agricultural activity , which therefore involve the purchase of land and the necessary machinery for one’s own activity. Moreover, thanks to agricultural loans, it will be possible to face all the expenses concerning the management , with the cost of the employees and the raw materials needed to make the finished product. As you know, one of the main problems that must be faced by an agricultural worker is that of having to finance his activity in advance, while the profits from the sales of the finished product only come after several months . In this period of time before the sale, therefore, the best solution may be the request for an agricultural loan. We are talking about particularly convenient products, thanks to the various incentives that can be accessed . Therefore there are opportunities for subsidized loans and non-repayable loans for farm laborers, as we will see in detail in the next paragraphs.

Subsidized and non-repayable loans for farm laborers: who to turn to for fast small loans

For all farmers who are interested in starting their own business or want to grow their business , excellent solutions are available . These are all enclosed under the name of agricultural loans, even if the differences between products of this type are numerous. So let’s see who you need to turn to to get small quick loans for farm laborers or higher loans, with the best products offered by the main credit institutions . Finally, let’s take a look at the calls for subsidized and non-repayable loans for self-employed workers in the agricultural sector.

Unicredit 2019 agricultural loans: here are the small quick loans

Unicredit is one of the main companies to which it is possible to apply for agricultural loans. All the solutions with detailed features are presented on the bank’s website. There are several solutions defined as ” short term ” that can be included among the small fast loans . In particular, the purpose of these loans is to support the production cycle of their business. A very interesting solution in this sense is that of the loan for conducting the business. This allows you to receive a small loan fast to support all the expenses incurred pending the sale of the finished product. For repayment you can choose between an installment payment and a single payment ( bullet ).

As an alternative to this product we find for example the Fido for cash for Agriculture , which constitutes an opening of credit that allows us to have immediate access to the money we need. So this is the fastest loan ever. Very similar to it is the Agricultural Rotary SuperCash , according to which a Plafond is defined. The customer thus has access to the credit until the pre-established threshold is reached, and at the same time it will be able to restore the availability of the credit limit in real time by paying the repayment installments.

Intesa Sanpaolo loans for farm laborers: bank credit and bill of exchange

Another very important credit institution with regard to agricultural loans is Intesa Sanpaolo . As we read on the bank’s website, the services offered do not only concern the provision of loans, but the entire path of growth of the activity and therefore also consultancy and training . As for the financial products offered, we find for example the Opening of credit in account aimed precisely at farm laborers. This consists of a credit line that, once requested, allows the customer to access the money he needs without any documentary evidence of expense . It is therefore the best solution to manage the seasonality of your business.

The agricultural bill of exchange is another of the products that Intesa Sanpaolo has studied for farm laborers. This form of financing allows you to receive a rather high amount, to be used not only for ordinary management expenses but also for example for the purchase of equipment and machinery for the performance of your business. The duration is flexible and can be chosen according to your needs up to a maximum of 60 months , while the installments are six-monthly. An aspect to be emphasized is that of being compatible with all public contributions , in addition to the fact that the bill will have a facilitated stamp duty .

Non-repayable agricultural loans and other forms of facilitation: active calls for tenders 2019

The best agricultural loans of all are undoubtedly the ones without a grant . Among the incentives aimed at the agricultural sector this is probably the most important, so it is good to know how to access this type of financing. For the assignment of the same, calls are published, to which it is possible to submit an online application which will then be followed by an interview in which to present one’s business plan. So let’s see what the best tenders are for 2019 .

Also this year the ” Resto al Sud ” project was confirmed, which allows resident farmers in the southern regions of Italy to receive a loan that will be a non-repayable loan of 35% and the rest at subsidized rates . Also noteworthy are the interesting initiatives promoted by the various Regions such as Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio, where we find grants up to 40%, 50% or even 100% of eligible expenses. In many cases priority is given to young entrepreneurs (under 35) and to female entrepreneurs . So if you want to have access to non-repayable agricultural loans and subsidized rates, we advise you to visit your Region’s website to find out all the active tenders you can take part in.

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