SMA Technologies Launches OpCon Cloud to Automate Financial Institution Operations and Eliminate Unnecessary IT Expenses

Cloud-based solution enables banks and credit unions to focus more on strategic priorities and improve customer service to achieve business goals

HOUSTON, February 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SMA Technologies Inc., maker of OpCon workload automation and orchestration solution for financial services, retail, and other transactional businesses, announces the launch of OpCon Cloud , a solution designed to reduce the burden of IT infrastructure issues and automate repetitive tasks. so that financial institutions can focus on achieving their business goals and meeting their customers’ needs. The cloud-based platform is delivered as a premium service and can be up and running in as little as 24 hours – and easily scales as the business grows.

SMA Technologies

“Let’s face it, financial institutions understand how to serve their customers but aren’t tasked with maintaining a data center, which can be extremely distracting,” said Todd Weiss, VP Product at SMA Technologies. “This is where our new OpCon Cloud solution provides real value, as it gives banks, credit unions and other transactional businesses more flexibility and resources by integrating with the cloud rather than hosting on a local server. Internal IT staff face increasing workloads and limited resources, and this platform allows them to automate manual tasks to free up time to focus on strategic issues that directly affect business customers. results.”

OpCon Cloud not only offers a lower cost of operation, but can instantly resolve bandwidth issues (maintain and upgrade processing and storage capacity to handle increased workloads) instead of undergoing a complex upgrade , costly and time-consuming IT infrastructure. The platform eliminates the need for expensive hardware, software license fees and personnel required to support on-premises infrastructure and ensures business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or other major disruption, as applications and data are securely backed up and protected.

“Outsourcing is a growing trend in the financial services industry and cloud migration is just another sign of how financial institutions are looking for efficiency in their workload automation systems and processes,” Weiss said. “With OpCon Cloud, our customers can rest easy knowing they won’t have to get out of bed to deal with the issues of locally hosted infrastructure and internal IT teams. All maintenance is our responsibility.”

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About SMA Technologies

SMA Technologies is the creator of OpCon, the leading workload automation and orchestration platform for financial institutions, insurance companies, retailers and other transactional enterprises. The platform delivers enterprise power and scalability without complexity or cost. OpCon enables companies to easily automate manual tasks and seamlessly orchestrate workloads across business-critical operations, saving time and reducing costs by eliminating human error and reducing deploying IT resources on strategic initiatives. OpCon is used by more than 600 customers in 27 countries and territories.

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