Sheriff’s Department Warns of Financial Institution Scams | Local and state

The Overton County Sheriff’s Department has been made aware of scams involving Tennessee financial institutions.

The scam involves a text or email message that informs the targeted victim that there may be irregular debits on their bank account. When the victim replies “no” to the message, they create a paid Samsung account and the scammer is able to get money from the victim’s bank account.

“Also, there are scams involving emails or calls telling people that someone had bought something they didn’t authorize or needed to be refunded,” Sheriff John Garrett said. . “Then they ask you to call a spoofed number and they ask you to log into your financial account information and ask for permission to remotely access your computer.

“Legitimate businesses already have your account information and would already have your financial information if you bought something from them,” Sheriff Garrett said.

The Sheriff’s Department emphasized, “Please be aware of these types of scams and DO NOT respond to these messages.”

Anyone receiving such a message should contact their financial institution or business contact by phone or in person to determine whether it is a scam or not.

“The Overton County Sheriff’s Office wants everyone to have a Merry Christmas without being scammed,” Sheriff Garrett said. “Please protect your personal information during this holiday season. “

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