NSCSD Voters Approve $65M Capital Project Proposal

Voters in the Cicero-North Syracuse Central School District have approved proposals for a $65 million capital project that includes major upgrades to buildings and classrooms in the district, installation of a swimming pool at the C-NS High School and the creation of a capital reserve fund for the district.

The Board of Education commissioned its architects to conceptualize a swimming pool at the Cicero-North Syracuse High School site. Its total cost – $16.95 million – will result in a school tax increase of about $1.50 per month (less than a 1% tax levy increase) for an average $100,000 home in the district.

Each proposal received more than 80% approval, according to the district’s information officer.

“We are extremely pleased that voters recognize the value of this profitable project and the significant impacts it will have on our programs and for the community as a whole,” Superintendent Dan Bowles said. “It is essential that we continually address issues of efficiency and safety in our learning spaces. On behalf of the school board, I am thrilled with this result and the positive changes that are taking root in our district.

Rooftop construction at C-NS High School is scheduled for this summer, with all other projects beginning in 2023, according to the information officer.

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