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SALAMANCA – Progress on the next phases of the ongoing Salamanca City Central School District capital project continues as the first concept designs for future additions and renovations were presented on Tuesday.

The board got an idea of ​​what the next buildings at Prospect Elementary and High School might look like in a presentation by Jeff Kloetzer of Stieglitz Snyder Architecture (SSA) at the regular board meeting.

In Prospect, a small addition is planned at the southwest end of the building for STEAM and Seneca culture classrooms, a useful play area, and support spaces for individual math and English students.

“It’s going to attach directly to the hallway and will work great at the front of the building as it will hopefully have a positive impact on the look of the building,” Kloetzer said.

The school facade will have new colors and shapes connecting the addition to the cafetorium to have a cohesive look and theme.

An addition to early childhood learning is also underway at Prospect, which could be included in the building in a few different options. Kloetzer said a new wing could be built to the west of the already planned new space, a series of classrooms around the gymnasium at the east end of the building, or add a two-story wing at the west end for elementary school classrooms and put early learning rooms in existing spaces.

If the district decides to pursue an addition to the west end, Kloetzer recommended moving the playing field at the east end of the building outside of the gymnasium where the current softball field is located, and then relocating the field. softball on the high school campus.

“We’re excited about all the ideas, and of course we know there are things that want to happen next summer, so our architects are focusing on that making sure they get everything drawn so that we could see shovels in the ground adding Prospect and hopefully in high school, ”he said.

At the high school, a new administrative office is planned at the southeast end of the building, Kloetzer said. The likely design would be a one-story addition with its own designated entrance that would connect to a new Seneca support suite that will go into the current administrative offices.

“We tried to position all the departments next to each other to make the most sense,” he explained.

A new unified look for the facade would be applied from the entrance of the administration to the entrance of the high school, Kloetzer said. This could include a red color to match the new STEAM wing at the north end of the building and structures and designs that make the facade stand out.

For the sports fields northwest of Seneca Middle School, Kloetzer showed a new design that includes a track and eight-lane pitch as well as new parking lots and a renovated support building.

“One concept would be to take a piece of the bus garage and set up changing rooms there for the athletes to be at one end of the field,” he said. “We’re also thinking about where the toilets and spectator concessions are, so we started looking at the Greer building.”

The Fern Avenue building would retain its base and main structure, but would be renovated to have new restrooms, a concession stand as well as an observation area on the balcony, Kloetzer said. He said he already had all the utilities in place needed to install a new structure.

Board member Kerry John said he was excited to see the new concepts and loved the refreshing new take on what high school could look like.

“I really like the red and I like the new senior high school entry,” he added. “It is working so far and I can’t wait to talk more about it. “


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