Lonestar Cell MTN and International Bank Liberia Limited (IB) Launch Push and Pull Mobile Money Service

The more than 50,000 customers of International Bank Liberia Limited (IB) can now link their bank accounts to their mobile money wallets, thanks to a new partnership with Lonestar Cell MTN.

International Bank today officially launched the Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money Push and Pull service to provide banking convenience to its customers.

The Push and Pull service allows international bank account holders to link their accounts to their Lonestar Cell MTN mobile money wallets, allowing them to transfer money from “bank to wallet” and vice versa with ease and without anywhere.

The Mobile Money Push and Pull service is part of the national campaign to move Liberia towards a digital economy.

Mr. Sully Turay IB Manager, E-Banking and Digital Channels, said the Push and Pull service is a key channel for customer financial convenience. With it, they have round-the-clock access to their money and all the benefits that mobile money brings with it.

The push and pull service enables international bank account holders to access basic financial services from their mobile phones from any county in Liberia. This service is an added benefit as it allows international bank account holders to access their IB account(s) anytime and anywhere in Liberia within the 15 counties.

With access to mobile money, IB account holders can receive money from abroad via Sendwave, BnB, World Remit and Remitly directly to their mobile money wallets and then, if necessary, transfer the transfer to their bank accounts.

With the integration of International Bank, Lonestar Cell MTN now has six of Liberia’s 10 commercial banks in its mobile money ecosystem.

Christopher Ssali, Managing Director of Mobile Financial Services at Lonestar Cell MTN, welcomes International Bank to the MoMo family.

“With thousands of agents and merchants in our network, IB account holders can access money, pay bills and purchase goods and services without stress. When it comes to safe, secure and convenient digital transactions, Mobile Money is the answer,” he said.

Mr. Turay said, “Now our customers can conduct financial transactions at thousands of locations in Liberia. We are pleased!”

About Lonestar Cell MTN

Launched in 2001, Lonestar Cell MTN is the trusted mobile phone and mobile money operator in Liberia. Our sole purpose is to lead the delivery of a bold new digital world for our customers. Through our reliable national network, our partnerships with major banks in Liberia and over nine thousand Mobile Money agents, Lonestar Cell MTN subscribers can deposit and withdraw money, pay bills and pay for services conveniently. transparent. We believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern, connected life.

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