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Let’s see what are the lenders to whom we can turn to receive loans with immediate results . In particular we find out how to know immediately if an online personal loan has been accepted or not. Some useful tips to prevent our online financing request from being rejected by the bank.

Loans with immediate outcome: how to get an answer immediately

When you need a sum of money with a certain urgency, the absolute best product is the loan with immediate outcome . In this way we will know immediately if our requirements are sufficient to obtain the desired credit. If you are looking for loans with immediate success then the fastest solution is to apply for a loan completely online . How to apply? Everything is very simple, given that now all the major credit institutions allow their customers to request financing in a few minutes. First you need to choose the amount of personal loan we are looking for and the duration we prefer based on our needs. The best thing to do to immediately identify the best financing for us is to request a free online quote . By entering the amount we will be able to compare the monthly installment and the interest rates applied for each of the available durations.

Once the best solution has been chosen, it will be enough to proceed with the actual loan request. The data to be entered are always the same, and therefore the personal data with the date of birth, the city of residence and the addresses useful for any communication with the company. Finally, to receive a positive response immediately, the most important thing is to have a valid income document . All documentation can be sent completely online and in complete safety thanks to the digital signature or Certified Electronic Mail. Following the guided procedure it will be extremely easy to complete our personal loan application. There are many credit institutions that allow us to request online financing with immediate response . In particular among the best companies we find for example Agos Ducato , which on its website underlines how to receive the result it takes less than 48 hours. Even if we go to the Italian Post Office we will often receive a reply immediately, which will be followed by the payment to the customer’s current account. But as we have already said all the major credit institutions now offer loans with immediate results, so from this point of view it makes little difference if we turn to example for example Findomestic, Unicredit, ING Direct or BNL , since in any case the timing of waiting will be very short.

To request loans with immediate results, the online request is not the only solution. Even by submitting the request to the branch, we will be able to receive a response immediately. In this case, our advice is to set an appointment online by choosing the office closest to our house, so as to avoid queuing and choose the date and time we prefer. Once in the branch we can present our request, with all the documentation, to a consultant of our bank. The latter in most cases will immediately be able to give us an answer on the outcome of our request . If we have all the requirements of the company, we will not have problems getting the money we need. The times could be longer in the case of bad payers loans : in this case the company will have to check the customer’s reliability before communicating the outcome of the request.

How to know immediately if an online Personal Loan has been accepted: request status

So how do we know immediately if an online personal loan has been accepted? First of all it is good to check our Personal Area by accessing our bank’s website via credentials. In this way we will have a view of our account and we will be able to immediately check the status of our request . Please note that many companies offer their customers the ability to control everything related to their account from their smartphone or tablet via the App . Among the services we can access there is obviously also the one that allows us to follow the progress of our request. At the beginning it will obviously be waiting to be analyzed , and then we will know immediately if the bank has accepted or not our request. Usually after a positive response from the company the supply is immediate or almost , since we will only have to wait for the technical times because the amount requested by us will be credited to our current account or to a card in our name as in the case of the loan American Express Bank.

In any case, a very simple way to know immediately if our online personal loan request will be accepted is to read carefully the requirements requested by the company for the supply. If we know we have all these requirements then we will be sure of the positive outcome of the request. In particular, those who will be practically sure that their request will be accepted are the employees and retirees . These two categories of customers in fact guarantee the bank or financial institution a fixed monthly income, from which the repayment installment will be withheld. In the event that the income received is such as to allow facing the planned installment without problems , the credit institution will not have any problem accepting the loan request immediately. In the case of self-employed workers, the outcome of the request may not be immediate . In this case, in fact, the income received by the customer is not fixed for each month and therefore the company will have to estimate the maximum installment that can be faced by the customer.

Among the aspects that determine the time necessary to know the outcome of our request there is then the amount we request . Obviously in the case of small loans it will be easier to know immediately if we will be granted or not the personal loan that we have requested online. In any case, however, over the years the time required to obtain a response and subsequently obtain the desired amount have been significantly lowered. Currently, in fact, the average waiting time is around 48 hours , although in most cases it is even less time to know if our request has been accepted or not. So if you are looking for a loan with immediate outcome we can say that there is not much difference between the companies. Our advice, as always, is to contact one of the leading credit institutions , which are certainly better than small financial institutions in terms of waiting times.

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