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LISBON – A $ 4.3 million investment project to modernize elementary classrooms and modernize the facilities at Lisbon Central School will start this month and is expected to be completed next spring.

In 2020, the Lisbon community approved the multi-million dollar project, according to Superintendent Patrick Farrand. Although work will begin in June, he expects the entire project to be completed by mid-March 2022. Murnane Building Contractors, Plattsburgh, is the general contractor.

“It’s a maintenance project. There is nothing extraordinary about it, it is very conservative. It’s just a matter of maintaining the facility, ”said Farrand.

The neighborhood is once again working with SEI Design Group, a Rochester architectural firm, to design the project.

“They love to watch everything and say what we can really do here for the school that can make a difference,” said Farrand.

Once the project is complete, elementary classrooms will get a makeover with new windows, walls and tiles, ceilings, sinks as well as lighting upgrades, according to Farrand.

“Our elementary classrooms are really important for the early years of learning. We want it to be enjoyable, we want it to be clean and we want it to be efficient, ”he said,“ A good space to learn. “

Other aspects of the project will be improvements to the building itself, with upgraded HVAC systems to allow healthy air circulation, several bathrooms being renovated, some minor work on the roof and sidewalks. , a stage extension, an overhaul of the vestibule and a new musical suite.

“A big part of the project will be about improving learning and activity environments for students,” he said.

In the sports department, a new safety net and batting cage will be installed as well as new flooring and bleachers in the main gymnasium. The old bleachers are difficult to move while damaging the floor. Older parts that are obsolete also create problems.

Farrand believes the gymnasium flooring was last laid as part of the district’s 1994-1995 capital project.

“It’s time to refresh it and we have fixed it several times due to water issues in the past. It just needs to be revised, ”he said.

As the district worked on the 2020 capital project, Farrand said it was evident there was a need to district-wide upgrade its lighting and heating controls to maximize reduction. energy use costs.

This is where the partnership with Day Automation came into play.

“We are also managing a $ 1.2 million energy performance contract alongside the project which is not funded in the project. It is self-financed over 18 years and the work is carried out by the company. It focuses on the heating controls, the lighting and the whole building envelope, ”said Farrand,“ It’s a really great thing.

This project does not cost the district anything.

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