Lansing taxpayers vote against capital project to improve sports facilities and modernize schools

Lansing Central School District voters have spoken.

Two capital projects, which would have cost just under $26 million, were rejected as 18% of registered voters turned out on Tuesday.

The first element of the capital project involved the supply of natural gas in the district. This one passed, even just barely.

The second, much larger project, as described by Ithaca Voice, failed by a nearly two-to-one margin. The BOBCAT project, which included athletic facility upgrades, roof replacements and infrastructure updates for elementary, middle and high schools, was defeated by a count of 634-368.

The district shared the following message after the proposal was rejected:

“While this is disappointing as it includes some much needed improvements that remain, we are happy to move forward with the NPA. We appreciate your completing the exit survey as it guides our decision making as we move forward. There seem to be misconceptions regarding the true state of our sports facilities as well as the process for capital projects, and we will be providing the community with more details regarding the financial impact of the BOBCAT project. For your most important vote, we were experiencing very low levels of engagement. We are grateful for this renewed involvement and hope that you will continue to be involved as we move forward with capital improvement planning.”

For now, the neighborhood will have to move forward with what its current facilities are.

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