Karnataka CM plans to create an exclusive financial institution for women entrepreneurs

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Thursday that the state government was discussing with the finance ministry the establishment of a financial institution exclusively for women entrepreneurs that would meet the needs of the women of Sthree Shakthi Sanghas in villages with great women entrepreneurs. Addressing the inaugural ceremony of the “Together we grow” conclave organized by UBUNTU as part of the International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Bommai said, “I have had a thought for a long time. . “

“We need a bigger financial institution to help them or any woman entrepreneur. So I am talking to the finance department to set up a financial institution exclusively for women entrepreneurs who would take care of Sthree Shakti Sangha in a village. for major projects that women can manage, ”Bommai said. “Woman means entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship means woman, that’s what I want,” he added.

The chief minister also said housekeeping is the biggest business in the world. “There are different departments within that, from groceries and toiletries to electronic gadgets and so on. Women who run households are also entrepreneurs. According to a report, the savings of our Indian women at home are more than the savings of our nationalized banks, “he said.

The state government is committed to the economic empowerment of every Kannada woman, which in turn would lead to the economic empowerment of the family and the state, Bommai said. Bommai also announced plans to release a special program within a week to provide employment for visually impaired women.

“Three poor, visually impaired women with their children met me today. When asked if they needed any help from me, they turned it down and instead urged me to provide them with a job. help themselves. I was humbled by their spirit and immediately decided to formulate an employment program for them, “he added. The Chief Minister also appealed to members of UBUNTU to employ as many disabled and visually impaired women as possible.

Responding to a memorandum submitted by women entrepreneurs at the reception, the Chief Minister ensured to also integrate the chapter on incentives for women entrepreneurs proposed in the 2019 industrial policy into the policy for 2020-25. “The state government is already offering concessions for financing women entrepreneurs and has alluded to proposals for granting concessions for purchasing land and creating market linkages. Incentive programs similar to those in place for the information technology and biotechnology sector would be formulated, ”he said. . (ANI)

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