Jokowi invites Japan to participate in a new investment project

Jakarta. Indonesia hopes Japan will participate in a mega-project to build the new capital when the leaders of the two countries met in Bogor on Friday.

Japan has been involved in several major infrastructure projects initiated by Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, such as the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit. [MRT] system and the brand new port of Patimban for automotive export in West Java.

“Going forward, Indonesia hopes that Japan will participate in other infrastructure projects such as the capital of Nusantara and the port of Ambon,” Jokowi said in a joint conference with the Prime Minister. visiting Japanese Minister Fumio Kishida at Bogor Palace, West Java.

Preparations are underway to move the national capital from Jakarta to an area in East Kalimantan.

Jokowi earlier announced that he was looking to make Nusantara a “10-minute city”, in which people could travel from one point to another in a flash.

The president also wants 80% of trips in the city to be made by public transport. The government estimated that the new capital project would cost 466 trillion rupees ($32 billion), of which the state would fund 20%. The megaproject will mainly rely on public-private partnerships and private investments.

Jokowi’s meeting with Kishida was not the first time Indonesia had discussed the Nusantara project with Japan.

Public Works and Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono also discussed the megaproject with Japan’s Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Tetsuo Saito during the fourth Asia-Pacific Water Summit which will take place next year. is held last week in Kumamoto, Japan. Indonesia has asked Japan for consultations on improving the quality of buildings in the yet-to-be-built capital.

“Japan will consider sending experts to gather information on the capital’s new planning and hopes to share this knowledge with the Indonesian government. We hope the relocation of the capital goes smoothly,” Saito said in the statement. Ministry of Public Works press release.

Infrastructure projects have become an integral part of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Japan.

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funded the construction of Jakarta’s MRT system, which saved many commuters from the city’s severe traffic jams. JICA granted Indonesia a loan of approximately 125.237 billion yen for Phase I of the construction of the Jakarta MRT, which now connects Lebak Bulus to Indonesia Hotel Roundabout, followed by another loan of 70.021 billion yen for phase II.

Phase II of the MRT construction will extend the existing network to West Ancol.

Indonesia also received a soft loan of 118.906 billion yen from JICA to build the Patimban seaport in Subang, West Java.

Pelabuhan Patimban International (PPI) and Toyota Tshusho Corporation, the trading arm of Japanese automobile giant Toyota Corporation, now jointly operate the Port of Patimban.

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