Investment in capital project helping deliver more housing for Midlothian Council

Investment in capital project helping deliver more housing for Midlothian Council

Midlothian Council continues to move forward with its innovative new housing construction program which is funded through its housing income capital account.

Cllr Stephan Curran in new homes in Danderhall

Over the past 12 months, the council has supported 118 affordable rental units to meet local housing needs. This goal was achieved through an investment of over £ 9million from the Midlothian Council and complemented by over £ 8million in grants from the More Homes division of the Scottish government.

As part of this program, 41 new housing units were recently delivered by Bellway Homes for advice at Shawfair near Danderhall. This housing development, when completed, will provide 47 homes and cottages with two, three and four bedrooms for rent for social purposes to those in need of housing in the Midlothian. The final phase of the new homes is expected to be completed by December

Capital projects facilitate the achievement of Midlothian’s Council strategic priorities, including affordable housing for all. Midlothian’s roadmap through and out of the COVID-19 pandemic emphasizes creating a greener, safer and more sustainable region where people and the environment can thrive.

The roadmap includes an investment of £ 153million in investment projects amounting to £ 321million for the coming years. This is another major investment that will help support economic recovery in Midlothian and meet housing needs by funding additional social housing. These accommodations will, as far as possible, be located near good public facilities and shops. The fittings will be of high quality and will balance good contemporary design with the heritage of the region.

Cllr Stephen Curran, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “As we seek to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, I am pleased that the Midlothian Council’s innovative new housing program is progressing well with the investment in capital projects. The need for affordable housing is steadily increasing and the council strives to ensure that new housing is developed to meet a range of needs. A fruitful collaboration between the council and the promoters of the private sector contributes to this. We want to ensure affordable, safe and welcoming housing for all of our tenants, now and in the future.

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