InEight’s platform innovations in fall 2021 double real-time information on investment projects for closer collaboration

“From day one, InEight’s vision has been centered on how technology can enable all stakeholders in a construction project to improve with each project,” said Brad Barth, product manager, InEight. “This means having better information and visibility on risks, which leads to better planning, better execution and more predictable results on large investment projects. “

Today, the first innovations focus on short interval planning (SIP) and the management of subcontractors. With the addition of SIP, InEight fills an industry gap with a digital approach to daily and weekly planning that has traditionally been the domain of the grease panel in the jobsite trailer. Now, users can benefit from a more dynamic, real-time approach that integrates project planning at all levels, from CPM schedules to engineering and construction work packages, and short interval / forecast plans to daily team plans. With InEight’s SIP solution, planning teams, including contractors and subcontractors, can collaborate frequently and from anywhere, ensuring everyone is on the same page to mitigate risk and increase the certainty of the project.

Additional innovations improve the way users manage contractors by providing full visibility throughout the life of the project. Users can more accurately track compliance with contractual obligations and scope changes, enabling real-time progress updates and workflow approvals, as well as faster processing of payments, subcontractor planning and document sharing.

The latest platform enhancements also include:

  • Simplified management and approvals of change orders.
  • Real-time information on the impact of financial developments.
  • Real-time views of current budgets to improve forecasting accuracy.
  • Additional mobile functionality that provides full, real-time visibility into workflow progress and issues on the go, making it easier to collaborate, share and provide feedback.

“Digital transformation is quickly becoming a business imperative and a key competitive differentiator. An integrated solution, such as that offered by InEight, provides the industry with the smoothest path to adoption, while unlocking a series of benefits that bring a new era of project certainty, ”added Tad Bungener, EVP Marketing & GTM, InEight.

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