First International Bank & Trust offers the “best of banking technology”


“During the COVID-19 pandemic, our lenders and support teams have focused on supporting small businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic,” office manager Daniel Aichele said in an email. “Our efforts to fund loans through the Paycheck Protection Program have helped keep businesses in our region operating during uncertain times. These loans kept dollars in the bank (and) accounts for the employees of these small businesses. ”

Like most establishments, working with COVID-19 restrictions involved making some adjustments.

“We have remained open for our customers all the time, but we have made adjustments to ensure the safety and comfort of our employees and customers,” said Aichele.

At First International Bank & Trust, Aichele said they have started offering curbside closures to their ready customers. The Killdeer branch also implemented new technology to allow customers and employees to meet remotely, Aichele said, adding that employees who could work from home were configured to do so.

“Our regular hours of service were maintained through car tours and by appointment in the lobby. We implemented physical distancing, placing barriers between workstations where space was limited. Our internal procedures have changed with the ups and downs of the pandemic and as state and federal authorities have adjusted their guidelines, ”Aichele noted.

With these additional guidelines, Aichele noted that they did not have to lay off employees or reduce staff hours.

Although 2020 has been a difficult year for the Southwestern North Dakotas, there were many lessons to be learned, Aichele said.

“I think we at the bank have learned many of the same lessons that people across the country have learned. We discovered new ways to communicate with clients and colleagues when we couldn’t see them in person, and the importance of being agile, ”he said. “Like many other companies, we have had to adapt to changing times. Fortunately, our employees and our organization have embraced the change and overcame the uncertainty. ”

Serving clients at 30 different locations in North Dakota, Arizona and Minnesota, First International Bank & Trust is a full-service financial institution providing consumer credit, mortgage finance, commercial loans, services trustees and cash management, continued Aichele. First International Insurance agents are also located in many of our branches, providing coverage to consumers and businesses, he added.

Since the 1990s, First International Bank & Trust has served residents of southwestern North Dakota

Aichele has been an Office Manager at Killdeer since January 2013 and looks forward to meeting new clients.

“Our employees are your neighbors and friends; we are there with you and for you. Yet First International Bank & Trust still offers the best in banking technology and all the services and amenities you would expect from a large bank, ”he added.

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