First International Bank employees donate to Prairie Grit | News, Sports, Jobs

Photo Submitted Pictured, left to right, John Drady, First International Bank & Trust; Krystal Butgereit, Executive Director of PGAS; Aaron Vibeto, Denise Larson and Perry Olson, First International Bank & Trust.

First International Bank & Trust employees donated $1,000 to Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports.

Employees at Minot’s three FIBT sites donated $20 per employee to wear jeans for a week and presented their gifts to Prairie Gift. Prairie Grit is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide sports and recreational opportunities for youth and adults living with physical and mental disabilities in order to improve their quality of life.

Prairie Grit will use these funds to help purchase an Action Trackchair. The Action Trackchair will enrich and improve the quality of life of the participants by allowing them freedom of movement on all types of terrain. The Action Trackchair will open doors to other sporting and recreational opportunities offered by Prairie Grit and partner organizations for people with disabilities, including but not limited to: hunting, fishing, hiking, archery archery and snow sports.

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