Financial institution DHFL corruption case: construction company owner’s helicopter confiscated

The CBI on Saturday seized an AgustaWestland helicopter belonging to construction company owner Avinash Bhosale in the DHFL scam case.

CBI officials said the helicopter was purchased in 2011 for Rs 36 crore.

DHFL Finance had borrowed up to Rs 42,871 crore from 17 banks from 2010 to 2018 and failed to repay Rs 34,615 crore. Thus, this loan became a weekly loan. Various irregularities were brought to light during the audit of the company’s accounts. Consequently, the CBI filed a complaint on June 20 against the directors of the financial institution, Kapil Vadavan and Dheeraj Vadavan.

Subsequently, the offices belonging to them were searched. During the investigation, it was revealed that construction companies were also involved in this scam. Following this, CBI officials raided the office of construction company owner Avinash Bhosale, who left Pune on Saturday.

Then, CBI officials confiscated the AgustaWestland helicopter belonging to him. CBI officials said: “This helicopter was purchased in 2011 for Rs. 36 crores. RKW which is managed by the Vadavan family to maintain the helicopter and join the association. The company has spent millions of money. The money was raised through a loan from DHFL Bank. Therefore, we seized the helicopter,” he said.

The CBI recently filed an indictment against Avinash Bhosale in the scam DHFL and Yes Bank.

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