Far Eastern International Bank: FEIB loss linked to a civil judgment of the Supreme Court


1.Parties to the legal matter:
Plaintiffs: 18 local banks including Bank of Taiwan
Defendant: FEIB
2.Name of the court or punishing agency of the legal matter:Supreme Court
3.Reference/Case number of relevant documents of the legal matter:
110 Taishangzi No. 2728 Judgment
4.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/01/04
5.Details of occurrence (including the matter under dispute):
18 local banks filed a lawsuit on 2015/09/23 against FEIB regarding FEIB's
collection of an overdue loan from Allied Material Technology Corp.,
during the company's reorganization process. Through years of law suit,
the Supreme Court of Taiwan ruled a final judgement to the case,
where FEIB is to pay plaintiffs for a total of NT$244,562,861
plus 5% p.a. interest accrued from the day following a written copy of
the ruling was served to the day of FEIB's actual payment.
6.Handling procedure:The law suit was first filed on 2015/09/23,
and FEIB was represented by lawyers to defend the case,
until the Supreme Court dismissed FEIB's appeal on 2022/01/04.
7.Impact on the Company's finance and business and projected amount:
FEIB's operation remained steady after the ruling, and the total payment
of NT$ 317,222,087 resulted from the judgement was recognized as loss in
FEIB's 4Q'2021 financial statement.
8.Countermeasures and improvement status:FEIB has made actual payment of
NT$ 317,222,087 to all plaintiffs on 2022/01/14.
9.Any other matters that need to be specified:None

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