Euromoney Best Bank in Latin America for Corporate Responsibility 2021: BAC International Bank

BAC International Bank has taken corporate responsibility seriously for many years. In February of this year, the bank joined the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative, complementing its long-standing commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. LAC has now reached over one million people in Central America with its financial education program and has supported over 120,000 SMEs across the region with training, development and networking initiatives.

LAC, under the regional leadership of Director General Rodolfo Tabash, also strongly supports non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in the region. The bank sees this as an effective way to align its efforts with those of others who strive to reduce poverty and promote economic development. This program, Yo me uno (I’m in), helps NGOs and non-profit organizations promote their work and attract funding from the private sector; and by December 2020, more than $ 4 million had been raised through 100 fundraising campaigns in five countries.

Rodolfo Tabash

Rodolfo Tabash

LAC also made its own donation of $ 100,000 to Fusal, the Salvadoran health and development foundation, to enable it to purchase Covid tests and personal protective equipment.

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