Consumer Credit Purchase

The purchase of consumer credit is a banking operation that allows to collect several loans of different types in one, which reduces the amount of the new monthly payment.

Consumer credit consolidation: what is it?

The consumer credit is used to finance the purchase of goods and services of daily life but also the financing of heavy expenses such as the acquisition of a car, movable property, the realization of work… There are different types of consumption credits personal credit, revolving credit and the loan allocated to a given expenditure. Consolidation of consumer credit is a banking operation that consists of collecting several loans in one and whose share of mortgage does not exceed the threshold of 60%. This can include various credits and overdrafts. An amount dedicated to a new project may also be added, at the request of the borrower, to the total amount to be repaid.

What can be included in a consumer credit redemption?

As mentioned above, the consolidation of consumer credit authorizes the repurchase of mortgage. In addition to home loans, other consumer loans will also be included in the consolidation transaction. Thus, a car loan can be grouped together. The same is true for LOA (lease with purchase option) contracts which are treated as loans. In fact, all financing that does not have a real estate character is consumer loans. In this way, work loans or credits to finance a trip or event can also be included. Finally, loans made in supermarkets for the purchase of personal property and other revolving loans are also eligible for a loan consolidation.

If a borrower wants to know if all his credits can be pooled, a specialist advisor will be able to answer him and tell him what to do.

Consolidation of consumer loans with Cantipor

At Cantipor, we study your request with the greatest interest. We respect the confidentiality of your information and make every effort to offer you a tailor-made consumer credit consolidation offer. We study the financing possibilities with our partners and then we offer you one to several offers of redemption of credits. Our expert analysts are professionals and perfectly master the standards of credit institutions, they also ensure the monitoring of your application and inform you at each stage of the progress of your project.

Fact sheet

  • Duration: from 12 to 144 months
  • Rate: fixed or variable
  • New project: optional
  • Insurance: optional

Simulation and request for buyback of consumption loan

You have the possibility to simulate online your group of consumer credits for free. An initial estimate based on the information you have provided is offered. Only an in-depth study by an analyst will accurately determine the amount of the new reduced monthly payment. Just complete the application form and validate it. An analyst will proceed as soon as possible to the study of your project and will offer you one to several offers to buy consumer loans. Good to know, simulation as well as the online application are free and without commitment.

Limit your debt with a purchase of credit

Consolidation of consumer credit is a banking solution that can intervene during a debt crisis, that is to say, when a household contracts several credits and the accumulation of monthly payments weighs on the budget. Compared to the monthly income, the part devoted to the refund can become difficult to support. But before seizing the Banque de France and mounting a debt overhang, it is possible (under conditions) to reduce these monthly payments with a purchase of consumer credit.

It is better to reschedule these financings over time. Because in case of declaration of over-indebtedness, the banking situation of the customers is blocked. Access to credit cards is restricted and the use of checks may be prohibited. In order to avoid over-indebtedness, synonymous with complication, it may be appropriate to look into a credit consolidation operation.

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