Citi Taiwan named Best International Bank in Taiwan by ‘FinanceAsia’ for 25th consecutive year

Citi Taiwan Ltd (花nite 台灣) was named the best international bank and best international investment bank in Taiwan last month by FinanceAsia magazine.

This is the 25th consecutive year that Citi Taiwan has won the award for best international bank and the fourth time it has won recognition for best international investment bank.

After the international financial magazine announced the awards, Citi Taiwan President Paulus Mok (莫 兆 鴻) expressed his gratitude for the recognition.

Photo courtesy of Citi Taiwan Ltd

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the global economy has been severely affected and the global business environment faces serious challenges. It is not easy for Citi to continue winning awards from an independent institution for a quarter of a century. The awards belong to all Citi Taiwan staff, ”Mok said.

Despite a drop in interest rates for US dollar deposits and the effects of the pandemic last year, Citi Taiwan has consistently shown outstanding business performance in its institutional client group and global consumer banking division.

In addition, its corporate and investment banking division has participated in and completed several significant mergers and acquisitions, as well as capital market transactions last year.

With the increase in the momentum of Taiwan’s capital markets and the volume of transactions over the past year, which has attracted considerable foreign investment, Citi Taiwan has come to dominate the custodial market and become the world’s largest bank. Taiwan custodian.

In terms of global consumer banking services, Citi Taiwan has also introduced digital innovation plans and services to enhance its digital competitiveness, while its wealth management business has shown growth momentum.

Citi continues to promote the concept of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) in Taiwan and supports the government’s “five plus two” innovative industries plan to allocate funds for green energy technologies, circular economy and to other industries.

According to information from the Financial Supervisory Commission, Citi Taiwan’s loan amount reached around NT $ 58.8 billion ($ 2.13 billion) at the end of last year, ranking first among foreign banks.

In addition, Citi paid attention to climate change and organized a series of “Citi Empowering Youth in Taiwan to Fight Climate Change” activities with nonprofits from late last year to early This year. He invited Val Smith, head of sustainability at Citigroup Inc, and other prominent speakers in Taiwan and abroad to share ESG and climate trends, and encourage young people to explore issues related to climate change in depth. .

In the face of the pandemic, to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment, Citi Taiwan has implemented remote office and home office programs since last year.

This year, the bank offered paid leave to employees who are vaccinated – two days per dose – and free consultations for employees. It has also helped employees upgrade their home internet connection or subsidize their taxi fares to help them feel comfortable while battling the pandemic together.

At this year’s Citi Global Community Day, Citi called on its employees to support charity meals and help people with disabilities or disadvantaged through these difficult times, demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

With strong operational performance and active participation in corporate social responsibility (CSR), Citi Taiwan has been recognized with various awards at home and abroad.

In addition to the FinanceAsia awards, Citi Taiwan has won The Asset Triple A Best Bank award for 18 consecutive years. In Reader’s Digest, the bank won the Gold Award in the Trusted Brand: Credit Card Issuing Bank category for 14 consecutive years, and the Gold Award in the Trusted Brand: Finance Managing Bank category for the sixth consecutive year.

In CSR, Citi Taiwan received the best ESG award from the Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards and won the best CSR award from Excellence magazine last year.

Responding to Citigroup’s refresh strategy, Citi Taiwan Chairman Paulus Mok said, “Citi has achieved remarkable and successful performance in Taiwan for nearly six decades. We will remain strongly engaged in the Taiwanese market and strive to be the best banking partner for our local and multinational companies, financial institutions and public sector entities. As we move our franchise to future growth opportunities, we will continue to leverage Citi’s unique global network and capacity for innovation to offer a wide range of wholesale banking products and services to help our customers achieve achieve sustainable growth and progress.

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