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Three weeks after securing much needed relief from the Andhra Pradesh High Court which confirmed Amaravati as the sole state capital, farmers in the capital region are now seeking monetary compensation for their mental agony caused by the state government for not completing the capital project in the past three years.

Some of the farmers on Monday served notices on the AP Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA), which was incorporated in 2015 to develop the capital in Amaravati, demanding that they receive appropriate compensation for the delay in the handing over of reconstituted plots and the development of capital infrastructure.

“APCRDA shall pay compensation for the period of delay at the rate of 50 per square meter per month for residential land and 100 per square meter per month for commercial land, in addition to an amount not less than 300,000 per acre of farmland surrendered under the Land Pooling Scheme for causing mental agony to farmers and for lack of service,” said lead solicitor K Indraneel Babu, who served the notice on the APCRDA on behalf of a Kancherla Omkar farmer from Velagapudi. town.

Omkar had ceded 18.80 acres of land to the state government for the construction of the capital at Amaravati. “If APCRDA fails to pay the compensation, the farmers will go to court to seek legal redress,” Babu said.

The previous government had acquired 34,385 acres of land from 28,526 farmers under the Land Pooling System (LPS) for the construction of the capital in 2015. Under the agreement signed with APCRDA, the farmers were given allocate 250 to 400 square meters of commercial land, depending on location, in addition to 1,000 square meters of residential land in the capital region, for each acre of land they had ceded to the authority.

In the notice, the attorney pointed out that APCRDA was obligated to complete the basic road formation and physical demarcation of plots, develop major infrastructure and hand over physical possession of the reconstituted plots within three years. from the date of final notification of the LPS.

“The final LPS notification was released on December 30, 2016 and therefore the reconstituted plots should have been handed over to farmers with all infrastructure developed by December 30, 2019,” he said.

However, he said, APCRDA failed to build even the basic roads, causing huge financial distress to the farmers and leaving them without any source of livelihood, causing mental agony.

“If the authority had developed the main infrastructure according to the master plan within the prescribed time frame, the farmers would have obtained an alternative source of livelihood through reconstituted residential and commercial plots,” he said, adding that farmers had to obtain financing from several private companies. sources of supply to support themselves and, as a result, have been pushed into a debt trap.

While asking APCRDA to start and complete the infrastructure development of Amaravati and hand over physical possession of the reconstituted residential and commercial plots, the farmers are demanding monetary compensation from the authorities for the delay.

The lawyer also sent a separate notice to the AP Real Estate Regulatory Authority (APRERA) to protect the interests of farmers who had surrendered their land for capital and impose a penalty on APCRDA for not completing the project at time.

Contacted, a senior APCRDA official said he was unaware of the notice sent by some farmers requesting monetary compensation for the delay in completing the LPS program.

“But there is nothing new in their request. They raised the issue even in their petitions to the High Court. We will follow what the court says. In the meantime, we have already started the exercise of handing over the plots to the farmers, in addition to completing the infrastructure,” said the official, who declined to be quoted.


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