Access Bank Sierra Leone – a quintessential international bank and a modern, world-class financial enterprise

To access Bank Sierra Leone is among the leading financial institutions that deliver sustainable, profitable, environmentally friendly and socially relevant economic growth.

With its head office at Nigeriathe bank is driven by strong fundamental values ​​that allow it to consistently deliver solid and sustainable performance.

The bank is in business to help customers build a sustainable future by offering “tailor-made products and solutions” using a highly skilled workforce across Sub-Saharan Africa, UKand Asia.

The Bank is authorized to provide international banking services and is renowned for its comprehensive range of financial product offerings. The Bank’s main lines of business are: corporate and investment banking products and services, commercial banking, business banking and personal banking, as a bank that adheres to responsible business practices and readily commits resources to social investments in achieving its corporate social responsibility goals.

The bank views corporate governance as the foundation for its sustainable growth, and its board and management are making tireless efforts to improve its corporate governance structure. Over the years, the bank has continuously optimized its governance mechanism to ensure methodical decision-making, effective oversight and sound operation. The Bank’s governance model is based on the key pillars of diversity, accountability, responsibility, transparency, independence, fairness and discipline. The board is key to creating boundaries and setting the tone for management. Therefore, the bank has always aspired to have a board that knows its stuff, understands its governance responsibilities and adds value to the management team.

Over the years, Access Bank Sierra Leone have made several investments to strengthen relations with its customers by redefining their approach to customer service through the rationalization of their internal processes and the digitalization of around 30% of customer journeys, the bank has been able to improve its customer experience.

At Human capital development, Access bank understands that people are the engine of the Bank’s many successes and that being a great place to work is an engine of responsible growth. Therefore, the bank continues to work diligently to create a workplace where its employees can thrive. The bank’s obligation to its employees includes their ongoing commitment to talent development and management, employee engagement, and core values ​​rooted in diversity and inclusion.

Access bank is committed to creating an environment conducive to high performance as well as fostering an inclusive and flexible workplace that promotes work-life balance. As a result, however, the bank remains true to its commitment to attracting and retaining exceptional talent that will enable them to continuously provide the best service to their customers.

Amid an unprecedented global pandemic outbreak, the past year has been filled with significant challenges, but the bank has become a better and stronger business. Access bank continue to focus on supporting host countries while pursuing sustainable growth, exploring new opportunities, driving innovation and striving to become a modern, world-class financial enterprise.

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